Shopping experience (nouns.) - The journey into the fascinating world of tea

UX Designer
2 weeks
Tools Used
Figma, Notion and Canva
Heuristic Evaluation, Competitive and Comparison analysis, Card Sorting, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Prototyping

Project Takeaways

This project is redesigning an e-commerce website. A brief directive project guided by General Assembly instructors and I was able to develop my design execution skill in Figma while practicing UX methodologies. The main takeaway is that I had to focus on the needs of the designated user group - Gift givers during the design process because there are too many examples of e-commerce available for reference. After serval evaluations and research, I find out what is the main issue of the current website and what needs to be created to improve the shopping experience for this group of the artifact. From browsing > selecting > deciding > checkout. (Probably done for the flow) However, tracking orders is necessarily needed for the future because users need to make sure the gift is delivered on time due to limited time. Below are 4 pages I mainly designed for this project by following the general flow of shopping.

  1. Landing page with main navigation
  2. Product page (create 1-click add to cart) 
  3. Cart page
  4. Checkout page
  5. Express tracking order page (to be continued)