I create simplicity but significant products.

Believes all the complex problem can be solved by many simple solutions.

About me

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My name is Clara, I born in HKG and living in NYC for 20+ years. Currently, I am a slashie (designer/ visual merchandiser/ business owner/ explorer) who create simplicity but significant products to solve the essential needs.

WANTS ≠ NEEDS I hope my design solution can truly solve what user's need but just what theirs want.

An INFP who listens, and observes the creations from my surrounding, so that explained why I love exploring to feel and understand the reason behind every design decision.

I study architecture in college. I work as a visual merchandiser in retail for more than a decade. I strongly believe in - "Good design is reliable because it emerges from a human thought process that involves countless iterations and learnings from mistakes."


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Product Designer

Pivot product designer from visual merchandising since 2020 (right after covid time!) - I enjoy what technology brings us when we have to keep our distance from people and I believe a good product should be human-centered

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Visual Merchandiser

More than 10 years of experience in a Japanese retail company named MUJI known for the philosophy of functional, quality design with a minimalistic aesthetic

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The world stack with different layers of possibilities from large scale of architecture to tiny scale of interaction - The best way to experience the world of design is to explore it's unlimitation